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Working group unveils cybersecurity protocol at ICCA

A GAR award-winning joint working group formed by ICCA, the New York City Bar Association and the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution has unveiled a draft protocol on cybersecurity in international arbitration at the ICCA Congress in Sydney.

17 April 2018

NAFTA talks make little headway as US updates objectives for ISDS reform

The latest round of renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement have come to an end with no real sign of progress, although the administration of US president Donald Trump has updated its objectives with regard to the reform of investor-state dispute settlement among other matters.

22 November 2017

Mauritius Convention ushers in new era

The Mauritius Convention on Transparency has entered into force today after being ratified by Mauritius, Canada and Switzerland – meaning a commitment to transparency will become part of the treaty-based investor-state dispute settlement regime of these three states.

18 October 2017

HKIAC seeks public comment on rules update

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre has invited practitioners to weigh in on proposed amendments to its administered arbitration rules - including whether it should develop its own rules for investment arbitration.

08 September 2017

New ICC rules take effect as note released

The new ICC Rules of Arbitration take effect today while a revised note to parties and arbitrators seeks to prevent delay in new expedited proceedings, ensure reasons are provided for decisions and govern the conduct of participants in arbitrations for the first time.

01 March 2017

Mixed reviews for Bulgaria’s revised arbitration law

Bulgaria has made sweeping amendments to its arbitration law in a bid to curb potential abuses to the system – though some specialists warn that the changes may fail to cure the problem and increase the state’s control over arbitration.

16 February 2017

Australian centre publishes tribunal secretary guidelines

The Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration has launched a new panel of tribunal secretaries, together with guidelines on their role.

23 January 2017

Switzerland to update arbitration law

Switzerland’s government has proposed amendments to “touch up” the country’s arbitration statute, which are the subject of a public consultation until the end of May – but one leading Swiss arbitrator had criticised them as “fiddling with details”.

12 January 2017

UNCITRAL to consider impact of insolvency

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law is to review a paper on the impact of insolvency on international arbitrations when it convenes in Vienna in July, with a view to creating clarity as to how the two intersect and even exploring the use of arbitration for cross-border insolvency proceedings.

09 December 2016

IBA to approve revised guidelines on conflicts of interest

21 October 2014

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