Laws, treaties and soft law

Switzerland to update arbitration law

Switzerland’s government has proposed amendments to “touch up” the country’s arbitration statute, which are the subject of a public consultation until the end of May – but one leading Swiss arbitrator had criticised them as “fiddling with details”.

12 January 2017

UNCITRAL to consider impact of insolvency

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law is to review a paper on the impact of insolvency on international arbitrations when it convenes in Vienna in July, with a view to creating clarity as to how the two intersect and even exploring the use of arbitration for cross-border insolvency proceedings.

09 December 2016

IBA to approve revised guidelines on conflicts of interest

21 October 2014

UK Bribery Act: don’t believe the hype

30 June 2011

Hanotiau backs code of conduct

21 September 2010

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