Work Area: Investor-state arbitration

Latvian heating award lands in US court

A Lithuanian energy company has applied to a US court to enforce an ICSID award against Latvia arising from the nationalisation of a municipal heating system.

01 September 2020

Panama hit with ICSID claim over construction project

A US construction group has filed a fresh ICSID claim against Panama, four years after the parties settled a separate case at the centre over an asphalt project.

27 August 2020

Swiss award enforced after Tajik bank’s no-show

A US court has enforced a Swiss Chambers award worth US$24.6 million against a Tajik state-owned bank, as a related ICSID claim remains paused.

27 August 2020

Mining magnate brings new suit against Western Australia

As Western Australia passes legislation to terminate a US$21 billion domestic arbitration, the mining magnate behind the claim says he has filed a new lawsuit against the state government – while practitioners have warned the law could lead to an investment treaty claim.

27 August 2020

ICSID panel extends stay of Spain solar award

An ICSID committee has extended a stay of enforcement of a German solar investor's €41 million award against Spain, ruling there was a real risk the state may be unable to recoup any sums paid out if the award is subsequently annulled.

27 August 2020

Who is sitting at ICSID?

CORRECTED: Eight panels have been formed at ICSID in the past month, with first-time appointments for Céline Lévesque, Eva Kalnina, Henry Burnett and David Arias.

26 August 2020

US court enforces treaty award against Ukraine

A US court has confirmed a US$112 million investment treaty award in favour of Russian oil and gas producer Tatneft against Ukraine, dismissing arguments that the late arbitrator Francisco Orrego Vicuña showed bias by failing to disclose an appointment by the claimant’s counsel in a separate case.

25 August 2020

Albanian oilfields dispute leads to ICC award

Albania has defeated the bulk of a third-party funded ICC claim worth US$90 million brought by a US-based company concerning three oilfields.

24 August 2020

Counsel criticised in Kazakhstan enforcement battle

A US court has criticised counsel in discovery proceedings brought by Moldovan investors seeking to enforce a US543 million Energy Charter Treaty award against Kazakhstan, questioning the “judgment and lawyering” on both sides.

24 August 2020

Zambia defeats police housing claim

Zambia says it has prevailed in a London arbitration brought by a US company under a contract to build a housing facility for the country’s police force – with a tribunal rejecting allegations the state corruptly reassigned the project to a Chinese competitor.

24 August 2020

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