Work Area: Investor-state arbitration

Canadian gold miner launches claim against Mali

In the wake of two military coups in less than a year, Mali is facing an ICSID claim from a Canadian gold mining company over its refusal to extend an exploration permit.

28 June 2021

Spain hit with another solar award

Investors in three solar power plants have been awarded €47 million in an Energy Charter Treaty claim against Spain concerning reforms to the subsidy regime for renewable energy.

28 June 2021

Pharma investor’s award against Ecuador upheld

A Dutch court has upheld a US pharmaceuticals company’s €44 million investment treaty award against Ecuador, dismissing arguments that the arbitrators took on the role of a final appeal court when they held the state liable for a denial of justice.

22 June 2021

Jailed investor’s claim against Korea clears hurdle

An ICSID tribunal has dismissed the bulk of South Korea’s expedited preliminary objections to a claim by an imprisoned Chinese real estate investor – as the state faces a new treaty claim over a port city redevelopment project.

22 June 2021

Ecuador to rejoin ICSID

In a major policy reversal, a new government in Ecuador has signed the ICSID Convention more than a decade after the state withdrew from the treaty.

21 June 2021

Jailed businessman fails in emergency claim against Angola

An emergency arbitrator at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has refused to hear an imprisoned businessman’s request for relief against Angola ahead of a bilateral investment treaty claim on the basis that she lacked jurisdiction.

21 June 2021

Construction investor brings third ICSID claim against Panama

A US construction group has brought a third ICSID claim against Panama arising from its portfolio of projects in the country.

21 June 2021

Resort developer takes Grenada to ICSID

The developer of a five-star hotel resort on the Caribbean island of Grenada has filed an ICSID claim alleging that the state has tried to “squeeze the project’s finances into failure” by slashing its budget and amending the terms of a citizenship scheme for foreign investors.

18 June 2021

Chinese investor launches second claim against Ghana

As a tribunal is formed to hear a Chinese construction company’s investment treaty claim against Ghana, the same investor has launched a related LCIA arbitration against the west African state over the cancellation of its contract to develop an intelligent traffic management system.

17 June 2021

ICSID urges approval of latest draft rule changes

ICSID has published its latest working paper on proposed amendments to its rules – including changes on ownership and control, third-party funding and costs – and has called on member states to vote on the draft by the end of the year.

17 June 2021

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