Work Area: Investor-state arbitration

Enel and Panama settle ICSID dispute

AWARD NOW PUBLIC: Panama has agreed to pay Italian energy company Enel to settle an ICSID case over delay in the construction of an electricity transmission line.

20 August 2021

El Salvador faces denial of justice claim

An affiliate of British bank HSBC has made good on a threat to file an ICSID claim against El Salvador, alleging a denial of justice by the country’s courts.

19 August 2021

Koch’s ICSID award against Venezuela enforced in US

A US court has summarily enforced a US$444 million award in favour of subsidiaries of Koch Industries against Venezuela, as the state awaits a decision on its bid to annul the award at ICSID.

19 August 2021

Zimbabwean hydro dispute heads to ICC

A hydropower producer is pursuing ICC arbitration in Johannesburg against Zimbabwe’s state-owned electricity company in a dispute over missed payments that it says could affect several of the country’s renewable energy projects.

19 August 2021

Peru defeats hydro claims at ICSID

Six hydroelectric power companies have seen their ICSID case against Peru dismissed on jurisdiction after a tribunal ruled that they could not combine their claims to meet contractual requirements that disputes must be worth over US$20 million to be heard at the centre.

18 August 2021

Spain ordered to pay German solar investor

An ICSID tribunal has ordered Spain to pay nearly €28 million to a German investor, nearly a year after finding that reforms to the country’s renewable energy subsidy regime frustrated the claimant’s legitimate expectations.

18 August 2021

Shell to shell out in Nigerian oil spill dispute

Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay US$112 million to Nigeria in compensation for oil spills in the Niger Delta over 50 years ago – as an ICSID case that reportedly relates to the same environmental liabilities remains pending.

18 August 2021

Finnish investor launches second claim against Egypt

A Finnish businessman has made good on his threat to file a US$500 million investment treaty claim against Egypt over alleged expropriatory behaviour committed by the state after it lost a prior treaty arbitration.

17 August 2021

Algerian cement projects lead to parallel claims

Panels are in place to hear an Egyptian investment company’s US$900 million treaty claim against Algeria over two cement projects and a related ICC dispute with a state entity.

16 August 2021

US broadcaster threatens Poland over foreign ownership law

The US television company behind the Discovery Channel has threatened Poland with an investment treaty claim over new laws that would ban foreign ownership of media companies in the country.

16 August 2021

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