Work Area: Investor-state arbitration

Ukrainian road dispute heads to arbitration

Ukraine’s road authority is to file an arbitration after a FIDIC adjudicator ordered it to pay €10 million to a Chinese state-owned company for terminating a road repair contract.

07 April 2021

Albania fails to annul TV award

An ICSID annulment committee has upheld a €110 million award against Albania won by a group of Italian investors over the expropriation of a television company – rejecting arguments that the tribunal had failed to state its reasoning.

06 April 2021

Billion-dollar award against Venezuela reinstated

France’s Court of Cassation has reinstated a Canadian gold mining company’s US$1.6 billion investment treaty award against Venezuela, two years after key findings on quantum were set aside.

01 April 2021

UK energy company threatens Kazakhstan

A London-listed oil and gas company has instructed counsel for a threatened Energy Charter Treaty claim against Kazakhstan, where it potentially seeks hundreds of millions of dollars for the revocation of a licence and loss of its local operations.

01 April 2021

Ecuador faces second claim over Amazon oil projects

An Argentine-owned energy company is bringing an UNCITRAL claim against Ecuador over the termination of contracts to exploit Amazonian oil projects, a dispute that has already given rise to a US$515 million award against the state.

01 April 2021

Latvia case scrapped over failure to post security

A Ukrainian scrap metal investor has seen his ICSID claim against Latvia dismissed over his failure to post security for costs – after failing to disqualify the entire tribunal for allegedly making “sarcastic and derogatory” comments towards him.

31 March 2021

Russia overturns billion-dollar Crimea award

In a major victory for Russia, a French court has annulled a US$1.1 billion award that compensated a Ukrainian state-owned bank for the expropriation of its assets in Crimea, finding that the underlying treaty did not protect investments made before 1992.

30 March 2021

Lebanese waste investor takes Armenia to ICSID

A Lebanese waste management company has made good on its threat to file an investment treaty claim against Armenia after its contracts for garbage collection in the capital city of Yerevan were allegedly handed to a state-owned entity.

30 March 2021

Parking investors threaten Mexico

Two US companies have threatened Mexico with NAFTA legacy claims over their investments in Mexico City’s parking system – as a proposed law to boost screenings of local films leads to speculation about potential treaty claims.

30 March 2021

View from Peru: an interview with Ricardo Ampuero Llerena

Ricardo Ampuero Llerena, the former head of the government commission that represents Peru in investment disputes, speaks to GAR about the state’s track record in investor-state arbitration, his hopes for ISDS reform and concerns over recent proposals to regulate domestic arbitration in the country.

30 March 2021

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