Work Area: Investor-state arbitration

Iraq’s oil-for-food appeal falters

03 April 2012

Gazprom BIT claim to test EU energy policy

09 March 2012

Panel ready for inter-state dispute; Ecuador discloses other pending claims

Brazilian arbitrator Luiz Olavo Baptista is to chair the ad hoc tribunal that will decide a rare state-to-state dispute between Ecuador and the US over whether their bilateral investment treaty allows claimants to sue for judicial delay.

01 March 2012

Logjam in Indian courts triggers BIT breach

India has been held liable under an investment treaty for judicial delays that left an Australian mining company unable to enforce an ICC award for nine years. GAR has obtained a copy of the decision.

13 February 2012

Poland sees off Energy Charter Treaty claim

10 February 2012

First Quantum settles Congo claims

Canadian mining company First Quantum Minerals is to withdraw its ICC and ICSID claims against the Democratic Republic of the Congo after agreeing a US$1.25 billion settlement.

06 January 2012

Exxon win is less than expected

Venezuela is claiming victory after an ICC tribunal awarded ExxonMobil a fraction of the US$7 billion it was seeking – but the multinational's ICSID claim against the state will continue.

03 January 2012

Romania prevails against Greek investor

An ICSID tribunal has awarded Romania US$8.3 million in fees and costs after rejecting a claim by a Greek investor - but refused to allow the state's counterclaim for US$80 million.

09 December 2011

Fuchs released after settling with Georgia

02 December 2011

LONDON: Why still ICSID?

01 December 2011

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