GAR 100 - 15th Edition

Welcome to the GAR 100, Global Arbitration Review’s guide to specialist international arbitration practices.

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GAR - CIArb Seat Index

Welcome to the first iteration of the GAR CIArb Seat Index.

The Index provides one-page summaries of the favourableness of individual arbitral seats against a range of standard criteria. The aim is to capture, in concentrated form, the essence of a seat.

Right now the Index covers six seats. Over time it will grow, and at the right moment ratings – AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB etc - will be added, making it a unique resource.

But the essence of the Index is the highly condensed, one-page reports.

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45 Under 45 2011

The “45 under 45” is intended as a guide to the leading figures of the international arbitration bar under the age of 45. The first time we published such a list was in our inaugural issue in 2006, so it seemed about time for a reappraisal.

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Women of Arbitration 2007

We asked members of ArbitralWomen to tell us how the world looks through their eyes. Here’s a selection of what they said.

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