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The Guide to Advocacy - Fourth Edition

Successful advocacy is always a challenge. Throw in different languages, a matrix of (exotic) laws and differing cultural backgrounds as well and you have advocacy in international arbitration.

Global Arbitration Review’s Guide to Advocacy is for lawyers who wish to transcend these obstacles and be as effective in the international sphere as they are used to being elsewhere. Aimed at practitioners of all backgrounds and at all levels of experience, this Guide covers everything from case strategy to the hard skills of written advocacy and cross-examination, and much more. It also contains the wit and wisdom on advocacy of more than 40 practising arbitrators, including some of the world’s biggest names in this field.

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The Guide to Mining Arbitrations - First Edition

Mining is booming – and with it mining disputes. The Guide to Mining Arbitration is a new volume that responds to this. It offers practical know-how in three parts: the risks and issues mining companies confront; the substantive principles at work; and the regional variations that must be taken into account..

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The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards - First Edition

Enforcement used to be an irrelevance in international arbitration. Most losing parties simply paid. Not so any more. The time spent on post-award matters has increased vastly.

The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Awards is a comprehensive volume that addresses this new reality. It offers practical know-how on both sides of the coin: challenging, and enforcing, awards. Part I provides a full thematic overview, while Part II delves into the specifics seat by seat. It covers 29 seats.

Read J. Brian Casey’s review of The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards here.

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The Guide to Energy Arbitrations - Third Edition

The energy industry shaped international arbitration and – thanks to resource nationalism, changes in the oil price, shifting geopolitics and febrile sanctions lists - remains one of its biggest users.

The Guide to Energy Arbitrations, published by Global Arbitration Review, provides coherent and comprehensive coverage of the most common, most difficult, and most unusual issues faced by energy firms, from some of the world’s leading authorities. It is edited by J William Rowley QC, Doak Bishop and Gordon Kaiser.

The Third Edition is fully updated and has new content on upstream oil and gas disputes.

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The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration - Third Edition

In the vast majority of international arbitrations, one or more parties seek damages. As such, damages are a critical component of most cases. A tribunal that misunderstands the relevant damages issues does not render justice to the parties.

The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration is a desktop reference work for those who'd like greater confidence when dealing with the numbers. In particular, this third edition incorporates updated chapters from various authors and features several new chapters addressing such issues as best practices and issues in discounted cash flow models, full compensation and total reparation, and estimation of harm in antitrust damages actions.

It is pitched at the entry level, keeping things simple and easy to follow. This book is designed to help all participants in the international arbitration community understand damages issues more clearly and communicate those issues more effectively to tribunals to further the common objective of assisting arbitrators in rendering more accurate and well-reasoned awards on damages.

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The Guide to M&A Arbitration - First Edition

M&A disputes can be unique in their hostility and complexity. The Guide to M&A Arbitration is a new, practical guide intended to provide guidance on what merger parties should think about, when. It pools the wisdom of specialists who describe how to prevent these disputes arising and how best to resolve them when they do.

The guide is structured in two sections. Part I consists of 10 chapters on planning and procedural issues, covering everything from drafting clauses to how to structure contracts to minimise the potential for disputes. Part II offers a geographical survey of important differences in national laws that may affect the outcome of a dispute. It is written by 39 specialists from a variety of backgrounds and takes a practical approach throughout.


The Guide to Construction Arbitration - Second Edition

The Guide to Construction Arbitration takes the reader through the essential detail of preparing, mitigating and managing construction disputes internationally. From preparing contracts and guarantees, to setting up dispute boards, organizing proceedings in arbitrations, analyzing documents and evidence, and navigating within particular industries and regions.

New for the second edition:

The Guide has successfully built upon the foundation of the first – this edition is both updated in the light of the 2017 FIDIC Contracts and substantially expanded, including six new chapters.

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The Guide to Damages Testimonial

"The book is a useful compendium of some of the most central damages concepts. Throughout the book, there are valuable elements for both the novice and the veteran international arbitration practitioner. The book achieves what it set out to do - it provides an "entry level" overview "keeping things simple and easy to follow" all the while discussing the "main valuation techniques and their mechanics". It is a welcome addition to the limited universe of books dealing with the important issue of damages in international arbitrations."

- Lisa M. Richman 
Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

The Guide to Damages Testimonial

"The Global Arbitration Review Guide to Damages in International Arbitration covers most issues likely to be faced by arbitrators, counsel and experts. The twenty-six chapters are written by experts in their respective fields. Their advice is down to earth and practical. The Guide fulfills the aim described by John Trenor in his Introduction: "to make the subject of damages in international arbitration more understandable and less intimidating for arbitrators and other participants in the field and to help participants present these issues more effectively to tribunals."

- Anthony Connerty 
Barrister in practice, IDR Group and 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

The Guide to Damages Testimonial

"I have found the Guide to be an extremely useful, practical reference. I have cited it in written argument before a tribunal, and I am sure I will make use of it again."

Jonathan Ketcheson
Junior Counsel, 20 Essex Street

The Guide to Damages Testimonial

"The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration provides a much-needed resource for all those who seek to grasp the intricacies and complexities of damages claims."

Baiju S Vasani
Partner, Jones Day

Testimonial for The Guide to Advocacy

"This is a handbook containing a wealth of information and advice on the art of advocacy in international arbitration from leaders in the field - both advocates and arbitrators. It is to be recommended to both the beginner and the experienced practitioner."

- Anthony Connerty 
Barrister in practice, IDR Group and 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Testimonial for The Guide to Energy Arbitrations

"The Guide to Energy Arbitrations [First Edition] is a very useful and unique contribution to the literature in the area…it…assembles the views and insights of leading counsel and arbitrators on many of the key issues and trends in the energy arbitration world. It should be a valuable guide to energy companies and their internal and external counsel, in addition to being of interest to commercial and litigation lawyers generally."

- Glenn Zacher 
Partner, Stikeman Elliot