Work Area: Enforcement and set-aside

Iranian state entity fails to overturn billion-euro award

A Swiss court has upheld an ICC award requiring the National Iranian Gas Company to pay over €1.5 billion to a Turkmen state entity, dismissing arguments that US sanctions make payment impossible.

25 February 2021

ICC creditor chases alter egos in New York

An affiliate of an aircraft leasing company has asked a US Court to enforce an ICC award worth US$90 million against the directors of the company named in the award – accusing them of fraudulently transferring assets out of the jurisdiction to evade payment.

25 February 2021

Expert ties under scrutiny in Guatemala annulment bid

Guatemala has applied to annul an ICSID award on the basis of Bulgarian arbitrator Stanimir Alexandrov's alleged failure to disclose ties with an expert witness – a year after Spain successfully annulled an award based on similar allegations.

24 February 2021

Native American tribe loses appeal over casino award

A US appeals court has upheld an American Arbitration Association award that requires the Seneca Nation of Indians to pay over US$1 billion in casino revenues to the State of New York over the next few years.

24 February 2021

US Supreme Court rejects Petrobras bribery appeal

The US Supreme Court yesterday refused to hear Petrobras’s appeal against the confirmation of an ICDR award that required it to pay an offshore drilling company for terminating a contract allegedly procured through bribery.

23 February 2021

ICC stands by Panama Canal arbitrators

The ICC has refused to disqualify three arbitrators who issued a US$265 million award in favour of the Panama Canal Authority, ruling that their alleged failure to disclose certain professional relationships did not call their impartiality into question.

19 February 2021

Fraud appeal in casino dispute fails in Singapore

The Singapore Court of Appeal has upheld an award on liability that led to a Manila gaming resort owner being ordered to pay US$296 million to a Las Vegas casino operator – rejecting allegations that the successful party and its counsel fraudulently misled the tribunal.

19 February 2021

JAMS will hear rerun of energy drinks dispute

A California court has ruled that a dispute involving drinks company Monster Energy can return to JAMS – rejecting arguments that the arbitral institution showed bias when it asked the US Supreme Court to clarify disclosure requirements for arbitrators.

19 February 2021

Spanish court sets high bar for award scrutiny

The Spanish Constitutional Court has reinstated an annulled award in a €600 million inheritance battle between relatives of a prominent deceased aristocrat – setting a high standard for the review of arbitral awards on public policy grounds.

18 February 2021

Swiss award against Glencore upheld at third attempt

A Swiss court has upheld an award that found commodities trader Glencore liable for abuse of rights in a dispute with a former partner in a Georgian mining project, having overturned two previous awards by the same tribunal.

17 February 2021

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