Work Area: Enforcement and set-aside

Stay of Yukos awards upheld in London

A London court has rejected an application by the former majority shareholders in Yukos to lift a stay of enforcement over their US$50 billion awards against Russia, ruling they must wait until the Dutch Supreme Court rules on the state’s set aside bid.

14 April 2021

Chinese group enforces against aircraft venture partner

A Chinese financial services group has had an US$87 million HKIAC award confirmed in Missouri and is now eyeing enforcement in California against its US partner in a failed joint venture to resell used aircraft.

09 April 2021

Casino operator fails to ground plane

A Las Vegas casino operator seeking to enforce a US$296 million award against a Manila gaming resort owner cannot ground a plane that purportedly belongs to its billionaire chairman, a US court has ruled.

08 April 2021

Steelmaker enforces second award against Venezuela

A US court has enforced a US$253 million ICSID award against Venezuela, the second of two awards won by a Luxembourg steelmaker following the nationalisation of the country’s steel industry.

07 April 2021

Billion-dollar award against Venezuela reinstated

France’s Court of Cassation has reinstated a Canadian gold mining company’s US$1.6 billion investment treaty award against Venezuela, two years after key findings on quantum were set aside.

01 April 2021

French court says suit against arbitrator belongs in Germany

A French court has held it lacks jurisdiction to hear a lawsuit against an arbitrator based in Germany whose failure to disclose links between his law firm and a party led to the annulment of an ICC award.

31 March 2021

Russia overturns billion-dollar Crimea award

In a major victory for Russia, a French court has annulled a US$1.1 billion award that compensated a Ukrainian state-owned bank for the expropriation of its assets in Crimea, finding that the underlying treaty did not protect investments made before 1992.

30 March 2021

Tethyan targets law firms over Pakistan hotel

An Australian mining venture is seeking discovery from two international law firms and a hotel management company in aid of its efforts to enforce a US$6 billion ICSID award against Pakistan.

29 March 2021

Kazakh mining award challenged by both sides

A Canadian mining company has applied to partially annul an award against Kazakhstan, saying it was “not the quality of justice we expected to receive from an ICSID tribunal” – while the state seeks to annul parts of the same award.

29 March 2021

German court upholds cancer treatment award

A Taiwanese pharmaceuticals company has failed to overturn an award in a billion-euro ICC dispute over a blood cancer drug based on allegations it was not allowed to fully defend itself.

29 March 2021

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