Topic: Emergency arbitration

Amazon wins emergency relief in Singapore

An emergency arbitrator in Singapore has ordered an Indian conglomerate to pause the US$3.4 billion sale of its retail business until Amazon’s bid to stop the deal is heard by a SIAC tribunal.

26 October 2020

Russian bank’s emergency award rebuffed in Ukraine

The Kiev Court of Appeal has refused to enforce an SCC emergency arbitrator award that restrained Ukraine from forcibly selling the assets of a Russian state-owned development bank.

17 September 2020

Moldova restrained from rescinding airport concession

An SCC emergency arbitrator has ordered Moldova to refrain from terminating a concession to operate the country’s main international airport while it hears an €885 million investment treaty claim against the state.

03 August 2020

Sierra Leone faces bid to enforce ICC emergency relief

A subsidiary of a London-based commodity trader has applied to a US court to confirm an ICC emergency arbitrator order that directs Sierra Leone to lift measures prohibiting the export of high-grade iron ore – a dispute that has also given rise to the threat of an ICSID claim.

03 October 2019

Emergency arbitrator restrains Ukraine’s auction of bank shares

COUNSEL LIST UPDATED: A Russian state-owned development bank says it has obtained an SCC emergency arbitrator decision restraining Ukraine from selling its shares in a local subsidiary – while a Ukrainian state entity launches its own treaty claim against Russia.

28 August 2019

Georgian businessman fails to renew emergency relief

A Georgian-UK dual national who obtained an SCC emergency arbitrator award restraining Georgia from selling attached assets belonging to his tobacco business has failed in a bid to have the interim relief renewed.

12 August 2019

GAR Live Lookback: Frankfurt - Emergency and expedited arbitrations – the pros and cons

If you wanted to divide a room in 2017, you simply ask about expedited arbitration. GAR Live Frankfurt last year proved no exception. For once, though, the panel in question included some in-housers, who were forthright in their views.

08 June 2018

Benin challenges emergency arbitrator decision

As a Trafigura subsidiary lodges a promised treaty claim against Benin with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the west African state has applied to revoke the decision of an emergency arbitrator that granted the investor interim relief.

10 July 2017

Emergency arbitrators at odds over Moldovan bank measures

A Russian investor has won emergency relief from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, requiring Moldova to halt the cancellation of its shares in a local bank – two weeks after another investor’s request for similar relief was denied.

18 July 2016

Panel grants interim measures against Ukraine

27 July 2015

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