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The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2020

Across 17 chapters, and spanning 107 pages, The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2020 provides an invaluable retrospective from 35 leading figures. Together, our contributors capture and interpret the most substantial recent international arbitration events of the year just gone, supported by footnotes and relevant statistics. Other articles provide valuable background so that you can get up to speed quickly on the essentials of a particular country as a seat.

This edition covers Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and the United States; has an overview on Brazil’s national obsession with corruption and how that is playing into arbitration; and an update on how Mexico’s federal courts have started to deal with the personal injunctions that had brought its prospects to a grinding halt as a seat.

Among the other nuggets it contains: 

  • a deep dive on the battle playing out, in the US courts, between owners of intra-EU investment
  • wards and Spain and the European Commission;
    the strides being taken across the Caribbean to embrace international arbitration;
  • a technique arbitrators can use to sense check a valuator’s assertions, using a company’s audited financial statements; and
  • a comparison of USMCA (the new NAFTA) with NAFTA, and what the changes mean – along with an analysis of one of the first case to consider the clash between the environmental and the investor pledges in DR-CAFTA.

Published August 2019