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Corruption probe triggers treaty threat against Kyrgyzstan

A Lithuanian printing house has threatened Kyrgyzstan with a treaty claim after state authorities accused it of bribing officials to win a tender for the production of biometric passports.

03 May 2019

Mozambican state entities face claims amid fraud probe

Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilder Privinvest has commenced arbitration against three Mozambican state-owned companies in the wake of a probe by US authorities into an alleged US$2 billion fraud that has been called the “tuna bond” scandal.

17 April 2019

ICSID measures fail to halt extradition of witness

The High Court in London has affirmed that it was not an abuse of process for Romanian authorities to seek to extradite a German businessman to face bribery charges despite the recommendation of an ICSID tribunal that the arrest warrant against him should be temporarily withdrawn.

11 April 2019

Claimant jailed in Kuwait seeks interim measures to secure release

A Russian businesswoman bringing an investment treaty claim against Kuwait has applied for interim measures to secure her temporary release from prison in the country while her claim is heard.

29 March 2019

Al Jazeera obtains measures over jailed journalist

An ICSID tribunal has recommended that Egypt grant Al Jazeera necessary access to an imprisoned journalist and ensure his humane treatment so that he can testify in an arbitration concerning an alleged state campaign of harassment against the Qatari broadcaster.

14 March 2019

British lawyer faces new charges in Geneva

Weeks after being indicted for his alleged role in a fake arbitration, British lawyer Matthew Parish has been charged in Geneva over separate allegations that he tried to extort money from a former client by accusing them of financing terrorism.

21 February 2019

Conviction of arbitrators in Qatar - Mourre writes to Emir

The president of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Alexis Mourre has written to the Emir of Qatar and others expressing “deepest concern” about the “unprecedented” conviction and sentence to imprisonment of three international arbitrators in Doha.

31 December 2018

Arbitrators convicted in Qatar

Three prominent arbitrators have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment by a court in Qatar in connection with their role on a tribunal that issued an award against a relative of the Qatari royal family.

12 December 2018

Lawyers charged in Geneva over fake arbitration

Swiss authorities have charged Matthew Parish and two other Geneva-based lawyers with fabricating an arbitration as part of an effort to implicate senior Kuwaiti officials in a coup plot and corruption scandal.

03 December 2018

Romania faces claim over land lost during anti-corruption drive

Two Cypriot companies have filed an ICSID claim against Romania over their investments in a major commercial and residential development project in Bucharest that became the focus of an investigation by the country's anti-corruption unit, as a Romanian businessman associated with the project fights extradition proceedings in the UK.

24 August 2018

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