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Competition law in arbitration: a sword and a shield?

GAR Live Vienna heard a keynote by Richard Whish KC on the intersection of competition law and arbitration, followed by a panel considering the benefits and limitations of having arbitrators decide competition law issues.

30 October 2023

“A miasma of dishonesty”: Hoffmann’s comments on Nigeria case

Following the set-aside of a US$11 billion award against Nigeria, Lord Hoffmann – who chaired the tribunal – has stood by comments he made earlier this year, reflecting on “the great miasma of dishonesty” that can exist in the background of a case of which arbitrators are “unaware”.

27 October 2023

Arbitration trio launch independent LGBTQ+ network

King & Wood Mallesons partners James McKenzie and Wilson Antoon and independent arbitrator Tim Robbins have launched a “grassroots network” for LGBTQIA+ people and allies in the arbitration community.

20 October 2023

Report urges new approach to arbitrator selection

A report launched during Hong Kong Arbitration Week has found that most lawyers take an informal, ad hoc approach to selecting arbitrators – and recommends they adopt a more systematic process to limit bias in their choices.

19 October 2023

China’s energy deficit: opportunities for lawyers?

A panel at GAR Live Beijing considered the energy challenges facing China, the increase in energy disputes concerning Chinese companies, and the opportunities for arbitration lawyers in China and overseas.

19 October 2023

A game of seats: Hong Kong and CIS disputes

A panel at Hong Kong Arbitration Week discussed the future of Russian and CIS disputes – including whether Hong Kong is a preferred option for parties from the region, how sanctions affect the handling of cases and the potential for asking a tribunal to move a previously agreed seat.

17 October 2023

UK judge digs into award challenge data

In a keynote speech at GAR Live London, Mrs Justice Cockerill of the Commercial Court examined the statistics for award challenges in the English courts – warning those involved in reforming the Arbitration Act that it would be counterproductive to limit the courts' ability to manage challenges.

09 October 2023

Join us for GAR Live Vienna

Readers are invited to join us later this week for the return of GAR Live Vienna – which will feature sessions on the intersection of antitrust and arbitration and the role of funding.

09 October 2023

Can arbitration solve the problems of the world?

In the latest Roebuck Lecture held by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kabir Duggal considered the potential of international arbitration to safeguard human rights, mitigate armed conflict and address the threats posed by climate change.

03 October 2023

A world tour of “de novo review”

In a lecture at Leiden University, Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof took her audience on a "world tour", exploring the tension between the "competence-competence" principle and the right and obligation of national courts to review jurisdiction in set-aside or annulment proceedings.

03 October 2023

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