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GAR Live Energy Lookback: how suited are private claims for public wrongs?

Will victims of alleged human rights abuses ever consent to arbitration of their claims? Very possibly was the consensus by the end of GAR Live Energy 2018. As one panel member put it, sometimes victims are “just private parties wanting compensation”.

26 June 2019

Renewing the relationship between treaties and custom in ISDS

A seminar organised by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Withers explored the relationship between treaties and customary international law in investment treaty arbitration. Robert Kovacs and Sudipta Purkayastha of Withers in London report.

25 June 2019

GAR Live Istanbul Lookback: different approaches to cross-examination and advocacy

Last year’s GAR Live Istanbul closed with a mock cross-examination session intended to contrast the common law and civil law approaches to witness questioning.

13 June 2019

Advice for arbitrators in Vienna

An arbitrator symposium in Vienna addressed the initial organisation of an arbitral proceeding, effective presentation of evidence and tribunal deliberations, as well as the state of arbitration in Asia. Niamh Leinwather of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Vienna reports

30 May 2019

GAR Live Frankfurt Lookback: What users want

GAR Live Frankfurt 2018 saw two in-house counsel grill external counsel and arbitrators on their complaints about international arbitration, particularly in light of the competition it faces from international courts.

23 May 2019

Defending investments in times of armed conflicts

An event at Paris Arbitration Week discussed some of the challenges faced by companies with investments in countries affected by armed conflict or civil unrest and the role of investment treaty arbitration in balancing the interests of investors and states.

21 May 2019

GAR Live Stockholm Lookback: do we need legal experts?

On the eve of this year’s GAR Live Stockholm, we revisit the inquisition panel from last year, 2018, where Jennifer Kirby, Angeline Welsh, Shai Wade, Robin Oldenstam, Tina Cicchetti, Mattias Rosengren and Larry Shore debated the pros and cos of using legal experts to establish the ‘fact’ of any applicable law.

20 May 2019

Achmea and the ECT: investor and state perspectives

Does the decision by the European Court of Justice in Achmea apply to intra-EU investment disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty? Delegates at GAR Live BITs in Washington, DC heard from lawyers acting for both investors and states on the issue.

17 May 2019

GAR Live BITs - in pictures

Pictures from the 5th annual GAR Live BITs in Washington, DC, are now available.

17 May 2019

GAR Live Stockholm Lookback: how to write an arbitral award

Session three of GAR Live Stockholm 2018 discussed the art of writing an arbitral award. It touched on some big topics – including, how should one err when it comes to reasoning (too much, too little; more on the facts, less on the law, vice versa?) and is it time to rethink, completely, how we do investment treaty awards?

17 May 2019

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