Conference coverage

Bermann on commercial arbitration and its critics

In a keynote address at GAR Live Atlanta, Columbia Law School professor George A Bermann argued that international commercial arbitration is well-placed to answer attacks from its critics – while suggesting that its claims to various forms of autonomy may be excessive.

04 December 2019

How to deal with economic sanctions

A panel at GAR Live Vienna considered the impact of economic sanctions on international arbitration, including whether arbitrators have a duty to enforce sanctions, defences based on force majeure and the difficulties faced by institutions in taking payment of fees.

02 December 2019

GAR Live Vienna - in pictures

Photos from the 3rd Annual GAR Live Vienna can be found here.

02 December 2019

Hanotiau on an arbitrator’s duty

In a keynote address at GAR Live Paris, Bernard Hanotiau considered the duty of an arbitrator and what delivering justice means in international arbitration.

28 November 2019

GAR Live Paris – in pictures

Photos of the 7th annual GAR Live Paris are now available.

28 November 2019

Are we yet “transnationalists”?

A panel at GAR Live Dubai considered how to “make arbitration work” between parties from common and civil law jurisdictions, and the differing approaches to contractual principles such as good faith.

25 November 2019

GAR Live Dubai - in pictures

Photos of the 6th annual GAR Live Dubai can be found here.

25 November 2019

GAR Live Dubai Lookback: - the (ab)use of experts in construction arbitration – where is the line between expert and advocate?

On the eve of this year’s GAR Live Dubai, we look back to 2018’s edition, and session three, in which Mark McNeill and panel tackled one of the great conundrums: why is it that reputable independent experts – who would never testify “contrary to their own conviction” nonetheless reliably end up producing work that favours the side who appointed them. What’s the alchemy at work, and can it be reformulated?

19 November 2019

Is it easy, being Green?

At the ICC annual arbitration & ADR conference in London, attention turned to climate change and the launch of a “Green Arbitration” initiative – with a panel of arbitrators and counsel discussing the arbitration sector’s carbon footprint.

15 November 2019

Counterclaims in investor-state arbitration

A seminar organised by BIICL and DLA Piper explored counterclaims in investor-state arbitration, including the current position in case law, an analysis of Latvia’s BITs and predictions for the future. Elinor Thomas of DLA Piper in London reports.

12 November 2019

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