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Lord Hoffmann criticises Enka in Gaillard Lecture

In a lecture in Paris in honour of the late Emmanuel Gaillard, Lord Hoffmann has criticised the "rabbit-out-of-a-hat" reasoning of the UK Supreme Court in Enka v Chubb, suggesting that it will give rise to "dirty tricks" and needs to be addressed in the current reform of the 1996 English Arbitration Act.

28 November 2022

Brick Court puts focus on Enka

This year’s Brick Court Chambers annual conference was devoted to the reform of the 1996 Arbitration Act with particular attention to changes needed in light of the UK Supreme Court decision in Enka v Chubb. A team from Brick Court reports.

28 November 2022

Water wars loom, hears COP fringe event

The African Society of International Law hosted a landmark event in Cairo ahead of the current COP27 climate change summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, with warnings of "water wars" among other disasters if action is not taken.

18 November 2022

Berlin dedicates days to arbitration

The first Berlin Dispute Resolution Days have taken place in Germany's capital, including the annual autumn conferences of the German Arbitration Institute and its under-40 group and celebrations to mark the institute's 30th anniversary.

16 November 2022

Freshfields Lecture: The Road Not Taken

Inspired by Robert Frost's famous poem on the divergence of paths in a yellow wood, Andrea Bjorklund considered the roads not taken in investor-state dispute resolution in the first live Freshfields Lecture since the pandemic, held in impressive new surroundings.

08 November 2022

"Megastars" reconvene for Freshfields Lecture

After the last two Freshfields Lectures were held virtually owing to the pandemic, this year marked a return to the live event attended by the "megastars" of the arbitration world (as one speaker put it), albeit in a new venue and with a substantial online audience watching as well.

08 November 2022

Salomon invokes the Sword of Damocles

The president of the ICC Court of International Arbitration Claudia Salomon has spoken at the ICC's Miami conference about how the "Sword of Damocles" can help resolve disputes, if wielded effectively.

02 November 2022

Chorzów Factory case under the spotlight in Lalive Lecture

The latest Lalive Lecture saw Pierre-Marie Dupuy analyse the judgment in the Chorzów Factory case and argue that the reparation principles relied on by arbitral tribunals in international investment disputes are often misunderstood. Vincent Reynaud and Maël Deschamps of Lalive report.

27 October 2022

ASA-AFA event compares Geneva and Paris as international seats

A joint conference of the Swiss and French Arbitration Associations looked at what makes these jurisdictions "arbitration friendly" and considered the future of Geneva and Paris as arbitration seats.

26 October 2022

Young ICCA brings “shark tank” to Edinburgh

The recent ICCA Congress in Edinburgh showcased the work of Young ICCA in a number of ways, including through an innovative "shark tank" in which five young practitioners were given up to five minutes each to pitch what they considered to be the most significant decision in international commercial arbitration since the last ICCA Congress in Sydney in 2018.

21 October 2022

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