Work Area: Commercial arbitration

Iberdrola wins award over US power project

AWARD NOW PUBLIC: An affiliate of Spanish electric utility Iberdrola has won a US$273 million ICDR award after its contract to build a power plant in Massachusetts was terminated when the project was reportedly 98% complete.

20 October 2021

Inpex settles dispute over Australian LNG project

Japanese oil and gas company Inpex has settled an ICC dispute over the US$45 billion construction of a liquefied natural gas project on the western coast of Australia.

20 October 2021

Covid plea fails to halt Hong Kong share freeze

A Hong Kong court has granted an injunction in aid of a CIETAC claim over a share transfer that was terminated on the grounds of covid-19 and “deteriorating Sino-US relations”.

20 October 2021

Kazakh road authority sees off challenge to SIAC award

A Turkish contractor has lost its challenge to a nearly US$18 million SIAC award in favour of Kazakhstan’s road authority, with a Paris court ruling that complaints over procedural unfairness should have been raised in the arbitration.

19 October 2021

Australian mega-claim looms after mining law upheld

An Australian mining magnate has lost his court challenge against emergency legislation that halted his US$21 billion arbitration against the state government of Western Australia – making the prospect of an investment treaty claim more likely.

18 October 2021

Japanese group faces claim over alopecia therapy

UPDATED: A Canadian life sciences company has launched an ICDR arbitration against a Japanese cosmetics group over licensing of a cell therapy for pattern hair loss.

18 October 2021

Bristol Myers faces billion-dollar claim over cancer drug

An ICC panel in New York is hearing a US$1.5 billion claim against US pharmaceuticals group Bristol Myers Squibb over the supply of a cancer therapy drug that was blocked by Chinese regulators.

15 October 2021

Peruvian refinery award survives “side-switching” challenge

A Miami court has confirmed a US$40 million ICC award relating to the upgrade of a Peruvian refinery, rejecting a Spanish contractor’s arguments that the proceedings were tainted because two members of its counsel team joined the opposing side’s law firm while the case was pending.

15 October 2021

Another set-aside bid fails in Manila casino saga

The Singapore Court of Appeal has upheld a US$296 million award that requires a Manila gaming resort owner to facilitate a share sale if it fails to pay damages – affirming the tribunal’s power to fashion a “pragmatic” remedy.

14 October 2021

French bribery ruling overturned in Alstom case

France’s Court of Cassation has found that a lower court erred when it blocked enforcement of an ICC award against Alstom because of alleged evidence of bribery.

13 October 2021

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