Work Area: Commercial arbitration

No duty of counsel to correct other side's “misunderstanding”

The Singapore High Court has refused to set aside a SIAC award because of a lawyer’s failure to correct opposing counsel’s alleged misunderstanding of the issues in play – holding that “counsel are responsible for arguing their own case, not for ensuring that the other side meets their case.”

05 May 2021

Occidental ordered to hand over share of ICSID award

A Chinese-owned oil company has applied to enforce an award worth more than US$540 million against Occidental Petroleum, representing its share of an ICSID settlement paid by the Ecuadorean government six years ago.

04 May 2021

Tribunal challenged over alleged cyber-attack in Brazil pulp case

Further explosive allegations have emerged of a cyber-attack in a multibillion-dollar ICC dispute over the sale of a Brazilian pulp maker as the respondents challenge the entire tribunal, arguing it has been “irreparably compromised."

29 April 2021

Repsol again liable in multibillion North Sea oil venture dispute

Repsol has for a second time been held liable in a US$5.5 billion SIAC claim lodged by China’s Sinopec group over the purchase of a stake in a North Sea oil venture, although several other claims were dismissed in the latest partial award.

29 April 2021

Airbus faces claim over helicopter crash

A South Korean aerospace company has launched a US$60 million SIAC claim against an Airbus subsidiary that reportedly provided a defective part for a helicopter that subsequently crashed, killing several Korean soldiers.

27 April 2021

Kenya faces ICC claim over scandal-hit dam projects

Two Italian construction companies have launched a US$114 million ICC claim against Kenya over the cancellation of two controversial dam projects that have given rise to criminal proceedings implicating a former minister.

26 April 2021

Feud over fishing venture heads to LCIA

The High Court in London has ruled that part of a Swedish businessman’s claims against a Russian billionaire over the sale of a US$200 million stake in a fishing business should be heard in LCIA arbitration.

23 April 2021

Chinese restaurateur faces renewed bid to seize artwork

A subsidiary of Europe’s largest private equity firm has renewed its bid to seize two Andy Warhol and Martin Kippenberger paintings owned by a Chinese restaurateur as it seeks to enforce two CIETAC awards worth US$142 million in a US court.

23 April 2021

Galeries Lafayette loses bias challenge to ICC award

French department store chain Galeries Lafayette has failed to revive a €680 million ICC claim against BNP Paribas based on allegations that the arbitrators were biased.

22 April 2021

Privy Council rules on serious irregularity in Bahamas case

The judicial committee of the Privy Council has upheld a challenge to an award issued in the Bahamas for serious irregularity – marking the first time the UK’s top judges have considered the requirement that the irregularity cause substantial injustice since the decision of the House of Lords in the Lesotho Highlands case 15 years ago.

20 April 2021

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