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Honourable mentions

Premium article - 05 August 2011

The following individuals were also nominated for the 45 under 45 but despite their excellent credentials, narrowly missed out for lack of space. Had this been a “60 under 45”, we would have been delighted to include them.

A look back at 2008

Premium article - 01 February 2009

The GAR year traditionally begins with Professor Loukas Mistelis's (director of the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary, University of London) look at the year just gone. This outing's observations include two strong "themes", an emerging pervasive issue and an exponential growth in "pre-mooting"

The Swiss evolution

Premium article - 01 November 2008

Switzerland's arbitration firms aren't quite what they used to be. By Sarah Dookhun.

Coming to Switzerland

Premium article - 01 November 2008

Switzerland is becoming home base to a growing number of common law practitioners. By Sarah Dookhun.

Top 21 for arbitration in Spain

Premium article - 01 September 2008

Who’s Who in Spain’s international arbitration community? The following 21 individuals come recommended. By Sarah Dookhun

India and Arbitration - Who's Who of arbitration in India

Premium article - 01 February 2008

We asked sources in India and abroad to produce a top 20 for arbitration in India. By Julius Cavendish

India And Arbitration - Indian In-House Counsel

Premium article - 01 February 2008

Indian in-house counsel give their perceptions of international arbitration

Canada's arbitration practices rated

Premium article - 01 February 2007

Few Canadian firms market arbitration as a speciality. David Samuels and David Vascott report on those who could soon

Special focus: China - Superarbitrators for the mainland

Premium article - 01 June 2006

Few leading figures work regularly on China’s mainland. David Samuels tracked down some who do

An Asian regional market?

Premium article - 01 June 2006

The stock of contracts that name somewhere in Asia as seat or venue is growing. David Samuels looks at the implications for local and international players