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PCA tribunal releases Eritrea-Ethiopia damages award

PCA tribunal releases Eritrea-Ethiopia damages award

Premium article - 21 August 2009

The tribunal hearing Eritrea and Ethiopia’s compensation claims against each other has awarded each side over US$160 million, extending a tradition of awarding the parties in such disputes far less than they seek.

Tribunal redraws Abyei

Tribunal redraws Abyei

Premium article - 22 July 2009

A Permanent Court of Arbitration tribunal in The Hague has affirmed Abyei’s existing northern and southern boundaries, but redrawn boundaries to the east and west, placing valuable oil resources firmly within Khartoum’s control.

North and South Sudan agree to arbitration

Premium article - 16 June 2008

Power-sharing leaders in north and south Sudan want international arbitrators to solve a bitter dispute over the borders of a contested oil-rich zone, after fighting in the region sparked fears of a reignited civil war.

Slovenia and Croatia discuss arbitration

Premium article - 09 May 2008

Slovenia and Croatia have met to decide which international arbitration institute should decide a territorial dispute over the Gulf of Piran that has caused friction between the two nations for more than a decade.

Peru disputes Chilean border at ICJ

Premium article - 08 February 2008

Peru has started proceedings at the International Court of Justice in The Hague over a maritime border dispute with Chile.

Heavyweights battle over Caribbean maritime rights

Premium article - 12 May 2006

A maritime boundary dispute boasting several stars of the arbitration universe has been resolved in the Hague.