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The policy backdrop

Premium article - 05 August 2009

Green Paper Roundtable. As well engaging on the detail, participants in the roundtable left wiser on the policy backdrop that's going to shape who carries the day.

Improving 'new' Article 27A: how could it be done?

Premium article - 05 August 2009

Green Paper Roundtable. Article 27A, it appears, would fail to achieve its goal, in the present form. How could it be redrafted more successfully, so that it will, on the one hand, "torpedo the torpedoes" but won't disturb the balance of kompetenz-kompetenz in any particular member state? A couple of ideas were proposed.

Cui bono?

Premium article - 05 August 2009

Green Paper roundtable. Critics of the proposals say New York and Geneva will benefit if these ideas proceed – but the Swiss lawyer present cast doubt on that hypothesis.

The dynamic of time and cost - the sequel

The dynamic of time and cost - the sequel

Premium article - 15 July 2009

It’s the great unanswered question: why, when everybody knows the magic formula, does arbitration still run slow and cost too much? GAR asked three teams, representing users, advocates and arbitrators, to attend a round table that might illuminate the mystery. They began by debating how each saw the causes. Now, read on, as the teams’ focus shifts to solutions. Will they manage to unlock the conundrum?

The dynamic of time and cost

Premium article - 01 May 2009

When everyone knows the magic formula, why aren't more arbitrations efficient? Global Arbitration Review asked three teams - one of arbitrators, one of advocates and one of in-house counsel - to explore the issue, in a three-way round table

High noon a round table over unpaid ICSID awards

Premium article - 01 December 2008

For the past four years, Argentina and former investors in its infrastructure and utilities have been going at it before international tribunals.

On your marks, get set ... stop: Latin American arbitration progress or more false starts?

Premium article - 01 April 2007

Sebastian O’Meara hosted a roundtable for members of the ICC’s LatinAmerica group, past and present


Premium article - 01 November 2006

Global Arbitration Review recently hosted an intergenerational roundtable. On one side of the table were a team of under 45 year-olds, and on the other, a team of senior figures. Their mandate was to have a no-holds barred debate on arbitration’s most sensitive subjects. David Samuels reports

Roundtable: Latin America v US - on discovery

Premium article - 01 August 2006

Will the increased use of discovery in arbitration repel its users? Global Arbitration Review attended a roundtable in New York, at which Latin American specialists put their view on the ‘americanisation’ of arbitration to specialists from the US. By Sebastian O’Meara