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Andrew Berry, 1940  - 2009

Andrew Berry, 1940 - 2009

Premium article - 18 September 2009

Tributes continue to come in for the late Andrew Berry, a well-known figure in the world of international insurance arbitration who passed away unexpectedly this summer aged 69.

Thomas Wälde 1949-2008

Premium article - 01 December 2008

Recently, Thomas Wälde explained in a recording that his life's aim was to understand "what lay underneath the emperor's clothes, and to reveal and explain this truth, however unpalatable it might be to listeners".

Mohamed Aboul-Enein 1933 - 2008

Premium article - 17 November 2008

The arbitral community has lost a leading light, Mohamed Aboul-Enein, the director of the Cairo Regional Centre for Commercial Arbitration, who died in a car accident yesterday.

Thomas Wälde 1949-2008

Premium article - 15 October 2008

A series of heartfelt tributes have followed the unexpected death of Thomas Wälde, aged 59.

Clifford Clark, 1918-2008

Premium article - 29 September 2008

An eminent London maritime arbitrator has died aged 90.

Sir Arthur Watts 1931-2007

Premium article - 01 December 2007

Sir Arthur Watts, a leading figure in the world of public international law, has died aged 76.

Ali Sharif Zu'bi 1917 - 2007

Premium article - 31 July 2007

A leading Jordan arbitration lawyer, Ali Sharif Zu'bi, has passed away aged 90.