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LatAm ICC counsel joins Cuatrecasas

Premium article - 02 November 2007

Cuatrecasas has hired a former counsel of the ICC's International Court of Arbitration for Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Oil companies face dilemma in Ecuador

Premium article - 02 November 2007

Oil companies in Ecuador are reviewing their legal options after the president introduced a windfall tax on profits of 99 per cent.

Indian finance minister says Model Law vital to growth

Premium article - 02 November 2007

India's finance minister has highlighted arbitration as a reason to prefer India over other fast developing economies.

ICC Lat Am conference marks 5th year

Premium article - 02 November 2007

The International Chamber of Commerce's annual conference on Latin America and international commercial arbitration is about to take place in Miami.

Arbitral award challenged in El Salvador

Premium article - 01 November 2007

El Salvador's national telecoms provider is challenging an US$9.4 million arbitral award against it in a Salvadoran district court.

Swedish appeal court rejects need for reasons

Premium article - 30 October 2007

A Swedish appeal court has refused to set aside a Stockholm Chamber of Commerce arbitral award for lack of reasons, in a ruling that goes against the institute's rules, but is in keeping with its no-frills approach.

Zimbabwe chooses French boutique as hearing begins

Premium article - 30 October 2007

Zimbabwe has appointed Philip Kimbrough of Kimbrough & AssociƩs in Paris to defend it in a landmark arbitration about Robert Mugabe's land policy.

Art dispute to go to appeal

Premium article - 30 October 2007

The loser in an unusual arbitration about Canada's cultural heritage says it will appeal against US$5 million of costs.

Tribunal agrees to hear Kyrgyz hotel claim

Premium article - 30 October 2007

An arbitral tribunal has accepted jurisdiction over an investment treaty claim by the Turkish owner of a hotel in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Argentina faces another water claim

Premium article - 30 October 2007

A Spanish construction and maintenance company is now pursuing arbitration against Argentina in a dispute about a water services concession in Buenos Aires.