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Ideas and analysis

Vestey suspends arbitration against Venezuela

Premium article - 01 April 2006

British food company, Vestey Group, has settled a dispute with Venezuela arising from measures taken to seize five of its cattle farms as part of a controversial ‘land grab’ policy.

TREATY ARBITRATION/INVESTMENT DISPUTES: Treaty claims versus contract claims

Premium article - 01 February 2006

Bayindir v Pakistan has shed more light on the interface between treaty claims and contract claims. Matthew Weiniger, partner, and Matthew Page, associate, at Herbert Smith LLP

NORDIC REGION: Uncertainty created about the place of arbitration

Premium article - 01 February 2006

A recent case – Titan Corporation v Alcatel CIT SA – has taken Swedish law in an unwarranted direction. Robin Oldenstam, partner, and Fredrik Andersson, associate, at Mannheimer Swartling in Stockholm

MONEY COLUMN: The key valuation decisions in CMS v Argentina

Premium article - 01 February 2006

Our special correspondent on damages looks at how the tribunal tackled assessing loss in CMS v Argentina. Mark Kantor, Washington DC-based attorney and GAR editorial board member

MIDDLE EAST: Dubai prepares code of ethics

Premium article - 01 February 2006

Dubai’s international arbitration centre is instituting a code of ethics. Philip Punwar, barrister and chartered arbitrator, Al Tamimi & Company, Dubai

AUSTRIA: New arbitration law

Premium article - 01 February 2006

A new law will cover all proceedings started after 30 June this year. Nikolaus Pitkowitz of Graf, Maxl & Pitkowitz, Vienna

Claim filed against Yemen

Premium article - 01 February 2006

Two US oil companies have filed a claim against the Yemeni government for expropriation.

Nokia loses in New York

Premium article - 01 February 2006

Mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia has failed to overturn a large ICC-derived arbitral award.

CASE of the MONTH: Is Methanex the future of investor-state arbitration? By James Clasper

Premium article - 01 February 2006

Corruption allegations, high-profile resignations, and private eyes rummaging in dumpsters: if Hollywood ever makes a movie about investor-state arbitration, it could steal its plot from the ‘Methanex’ case.If you specialise in international arbitration, you’ve might have been fascinated by Methanex too. But for other reasons.