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Enforcement and Set-Aside

US court overturns ex aequo et bono award as "irrational"

Premium article - 23 September 2009

Three arbitrators hearing a reinsurance dispute have seen their award overturned as irrational, even though the reinsurance agreement contained an “honourable engagement” clause, the US version of ex aequo et bono arbitration.

Swiss court partially annuls ICC award

Premium article - 22 April 2009

A new ruling of the Swiss Supreme Court offers an avenue to those frustrated with ICC practice regarding joinder of non-signatories.

UK court enforces payment from Chad account

Premium article - 30 July 2008

A UK court has enforced an ICC award against Chad, requiring money to be taken from an account holding World Bank loan repayments.

Ann Summers panel confirms arbitrators' wide powers

Premium article - 30 June 2008

A Frenchwoman has had an arbitral award against the Ann Summers chain of sex shops reinstated in a dispute about a US franchise agreement.

Swedish Supreme Court overturns award

Premium article - 27 November 2007

The Swedish Supreme Court has set aside an arbitral award because the chairman failed to disclose a possible conflict of interest.