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Commercial Arbitration

Dutch court criticises Russian annulment decision

Premium article - 08 May 2009

The Court of Appeal in Amsterdam has refused to accept an annulment decision issued in Russia, saying that Russian courts are "not independent or impartial" in most instances.

Algeria passes new arbitration law

Premium article - 06 May 2009

The new international arbitration law that has just entered force in Algeria contains a number of innovations, including one that allows enforcement of awards that have been annulled elsewhere.

SWITZERLAND: Federal Tribunal annuls CAS award over due process fear

Premium article - 01 May 2009

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court recently overturned a sports arbitration award because the arbitrators relied on a non-applicable Swiss law. Alison Ross explains how the court justified its rare decision to interfere

Dissents, concurrences and a necessary divide between investment and commercial arbitration

Premium article - 01 December 2008

Individualism by arbitrators shouldn't be suppressed - in investment cases. By Laurence Shore (partner) and Kenneth Juan Figueroa (associate) at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP in New York

Swedish Supreme Court overturns award

Premium article - 27 November 2007

The Swedish Supreme Court has set aside an arbitral award because the chairman failed to disclose a possible conflict of interest.

The SCC's new Rules

Premium article - 01 December 2006

The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce spent 2006 revising its arbitration rules. Kaj Hobér, partner, and William McKechnie, associate at Mannheimer Swartling, outline the key changes in the new rules, which apply from 1 January 2007

Sweden's arbitration powers

Premium article - 01 December 2006

Plenty of domestic work gives size to Sweden’s leading arbitration practices, says Julius Cavendish. He hears what different groups have to say

Interview with Ulf Franke

Premium article - 01 December 2006

Ulf Franke is the first – and so far only – secretary general of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Julius Cavendish asks him about the changes he’s seen and his plans for the future

Brussels upholds Eureko award

Premium article - 01 December 2006

An arbitral tribunal at the Brussels Court of First Instance has rejected the government of Poland’s attempt to set aside a partial award issued in a dispute with Dutch insurance holding company Eureko

South Africa upholds ICC award

Premium article - 01 December 2006

The Supreme Court of South Africa has upheld an International Chamber of Commerce award in a case, making headlines in South Africa