Topic: Bribery and corruption

Disclosure of judges’ records denied in Panama corruption claim

Two ICSID claimants who allege they were victims of judicial corruption in Panama have failed in a bid to compel the state to produce bank statements of justices at its Supreme Court and records of their deliberations.

07 February 2019

India seeks to ground chopper case during bribe probe

A court in Delhi will hear a request by the Indian government that it halt an ad hoc arbitration over a €560 million contract for the supply of helicopters to state officials, pending the outcome of a domestic investigation into alleged bribery connected to the deal.

09 January 2019

LCIA award enforced in Ukraine despite “collusion” claim

The Kiev Court of Appeal has ruled that an LCIA award against a subsidiary of Ukraine’s Naftogaz should be enforced even though local anti-corruption and competition authorities believe the underlying contract was procured unlawfully.

13 December 2018

Leaked award raises bribery concerns over arms deal

Wikileaks has published a previously confidential ICC award revealing that a French state-owned arms manufacturer paid hundreds of millions of dollars in “commissions” to an agent to secure a lucrative military contract from the United Arab Emirates, only to later argue that the payments were corrupt.

09 October 2018

Petrobras urges court to examine “bribery scheme”

Brazil’s state-run oil and gas company Petrobras has urged a US court not to enforce a US$622 million award arising from a contract allegedly procured through bribery of public officials – but the Cayman entity that won the award says no “redo” of the arbitration is allowed.

08 October 2018

Fraud suit against Petrobras clears hurdle

A Dutch court has refused to throw out a class action brought on behalf of investors in Petrobras who suffered losses as a result of the “Lava Jato” corruption scandal – holding that an arbitration clause in the Brazilian company’s articles of association does not preclude the lawsuit.

25 September 2018

South Korea faces claim over bribery in Samsung merger

South Korea has been hit with a previously threatened claim by a US private equity fund over its interference in a US$8 billion Samsung merger – including allegations that the group’s controlling family, the Lee family, bribed the now imprisoned former president Park Geun-hye to enable the merger to go ahead at an undervalue.

14 September 2018

Romania faces claim over land lost during anti-corruption drive

Two Cypriot companies have filed an ICSID claim against Romania over their investments in a major commercial and residential development project in Bucharest that became the focus of an investigation by the country's anti-corruption unit, as a Romanian businessman associated with the project fights extradition proceedings in the UK.

24 August 2018

US alleges kickbacks by law firms in Venezuela cases

The US Department of Justice has alleged that unnamed law firms representing Venezuela in international arbitrations arranged to pay “kickbacks” to the relative of a Venezuelan government official.

01 August 2018

Ukrainian gas contract survives “collusion” claim

A Stockholm Chamber of Commerce tribunal has rejected claims that a Ukrainian gas joint-venture agreement was procured through collusion or corruption, while ruling it must be terminated because changed circumstances including a royalty hike on gas sales have made it unworkable.

16 July 2018

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