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GAR 100 - 5th Edition

Ughi e Nunziante

05 March 2012

The home to one of Italy’s biggest names.

Although not a big player in domestic contentious work, this firm has developed a particular reputation for international arbitration. Piero Bernardini is its standout name – he is of counsel at the firm.

Described as “the top man in Italy”, “first class” and “the dean of Italian arbitration”, he has a depth of experience in investor-state arbitration. Bernardini has received many appointments as chair and co-arbitrator at ICSID – at the moment, he is hearing claims against Tunisia, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and Romania, and was on a panel that recently ordered Argentina to pay the US’ El Paso Corporation US$78 million. He’s also a former vice president of the ICC court and a member of ICCA.

Among his colleagues, partner Angelo Anglani spearheads advocacy work. Anglani has a mixed international litigation and arbitration practice. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a member of the appointing authority at the Chinese European Arbitration Centre, a member of Euroadvocaten and co-chair of Arbit, the Italian forum for arbitration and ADR.

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