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GAR 100 - 5th Edition

Lindholm Wallgren

05 March 2012

This husband-and-wife team once led work at Roschier.

People in Who’s Who:
Current arbitrator appointments:
11 (of which 5 are as sole or chair)
No. of lawyers sitting as arbitrator:

This compact firm was formed in 2009 when Carita Wallgren-Lindholm said goodbye to Roschier after more than 25 years at the firm to establish an independent arbitration boutique. In 2010, her husband and former senior partner at Roschier, Tomas Lindholm, joined her. The pair are based in Helsinki and work with two associates. Antitrust specialist Inga Korpinen also handles arbitrations in competition-related cases.

For most of her career, Carita Wallgren-Lindholm split her time evenly between transactional work and arbitration. She struck out alone in a bid to devote more time to arbitration and less to management responsibilities. She has been a member of the executive boards of the Finnish and Swedish arbitration associations, as well as the ICC commission on arbitration. In 2007, Finland appointed her to the ICSID panel of conciliators. Both Lindholm and Wallgren-Lindholm are active as arbitrators.

Who uses it?

The firm won’t disclose the names of its clients but says the majority are multinational corporations, headquartered both in Finland and abroad, as well as some family-owned companies.

Recent events

In 2011, Wallgren-Lindholm stepped down from the executive board of the Swedish arbitration association.



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