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GAR 100 - 4th Edition

Wenger & Vieli AG

21 February 2011

Not to be confused with Wenger Plattner, this Zurich-based firm does less sports-related arbitration (a Wenger Plattner niche) and more for banks and private equity funds.

Who’s Who Name:
Daniel Girsberger

In that context, the firm reported that it saw a “gradually increasing” workload both as arbitrators and counsel during 2010. Two partners in particular focus on arbitration work and often sit as arbitrators (Daniel Girsberger and Urs Weber-Stecher). Girsberger is a professor of international law at the University of Lucerne. Weber-Stecher is a teaching fellow at the University of Zurich and previously headed the European business law division of the Swiss federal office for foreign trade. Another partner at the firm, Michael Mráz, worked at the same body and does a large amount of Eastern Europe-related work. Others are graduates of the Swiss Arbitration Academy, which Weber-Stecher co-founded in 2008. The firm operates exclusively in the German part of Switzerland. It told researchers of a recent case in which the client had a great deal to lose over the construction of a large shopping mall, which Wenger & Veili said would “determine the fate of worldwide competition of the two litigants.”



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