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GAR 100 - 4th Edition

HM Ooi Associates

18 February 2011

New in 2011.

This Malaysian firm enters the GAR 100 on the recommendations of counsel who have found them useful as an interface between the local courts and international arbitration panels. HM Ooi Associates was founded in 2009 as a breakaway of a breakaway of the Skrine arbitration group (which also enters the 100 for the first time this year). Despite being a relatively small practice of just two partners and a handful of assistants, it has an interesting client portfolio, which includes a Japanese trading company, a French-US telecoms equipment giant, and an Indian oil and gas company. The key partner is Ooi Huey Miin, previously of Logan Sabapathy & Co in Kuala Lumpur. One London-based counsel told researchers he’s known the individuals for seven years and describes them as “a firm to watch”. Described as “responsive, cost-effective and very sharp”, they’re noted for having access to all the “grandee” senior counsel in the country. Researchers understand the firm is currently defending an arbitration award worth in excess of US$400 million against a challenge by India at the federal court level – a ruling, when it comes, which is expected to provide a definitive word on the Malaysian attitude to arbitral challenges.

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