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GAR 100 - 4th Edition

Fleury Quentin Marès Delvolvé Rouche

18 February 2011

This small Parisian firm debuted in last year’s edition of the GAR 100, following the arrival of Jean-Louis Devolvé, 74, and Jean Rouche, 62. They joined the practice after a stint of less than a year working with Shadbolt, a UK firm focused on overseas construction work.

Who’s Who Name:
Jean-Louis Delvolvé

At the time their decision to join Shadbolt raised a few eyebrows, with one source commenting it was surprising that a figure who, in the past, had spoken passionately against the creep of common-law thinking in France should join a UK firm. Others, though, observed he’d long advocated a free market in approaches, to the extent that he was an early supporter of the LCIA. He is still the chair of the LCIA’s European Users’ Council.

Devolvé, who chaired an influential committee on multiparty arbitration for the ICC and is a former member of the Paris bar council, told a reporter at the time of the move that when two partners at Fleury Quentin opted to leave, he and his long-time colleague saw an opportunity they felt would suit them ideally. Rouche continues to work as an advocate. Devolvé now majors as an arbitrator, usually in the chair. Together they published an English-language guide to French arbitration law in 2009. French Arbitration Law and Practice: a dynamic civil law approach to international arbitration (Kluwer, 2nd edition) is described as a guide to the nuances of the French arbitral process, domestic and international, with relevant comparisons to common law provisions made along the way. It’s aimed at first-timers and those who are already familiar with the French arbitration system, its cover says.



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