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GAR 100 - 4th Edition


18 February 2011

The founder of this Spanish firm, José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, was one of the seven drafters of the country’s 1978 constitution. He founded the firm after leaving politics in the early 1980s. The firm’s arbitration team is a more recent creation and has developed around partners David Arias and Félix Montero. Arias joined in 2000 and is now a regular fixture as an arbitrator and counsel in ICC and LCIA cases. He teaches arbitration courses on several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Montero joined in 2004 as a lateral recruit from B Cremades y Asociados, becoming a partner soon after. Several of the group’s associates have worked at international arbitration firms abroad. The seven-strong practice spans Barcelona as well as Madrid. One guide recently quoted an unnamed but impressed source as saying the firm “might be the strongest arbitration team in Spain.”

Who’s Who Name:
David Arias

Recent events

In 2010, Guillermina Ester was made partner. Meanwhile, a major Spanish financial institution instructed the firm in five derivatives-related arbitrations. The firm also advised in a complex arbitration between two Spanish energy distributors, which required the involvement of more than 10 expert witnesses.

David Arias co-edited a liber amicorum for Spanish arbitrator Bernardo Cremades. He’s also going to be the IBA arbitration committee’s website officer for 2011.

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