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GAR 100 - 4th Edition

Beretta Godoy

18 February 2011

Founded in Argentina in 2000, just before the country’s economic crisis, Beretta Godoy is a well-regarded medium-sized firm with a focus on natural resources, telecoms and tax work.

It also now has a growing name in disputes, particularly the international kind. The firm’s senior arbitration practitioners are Federico Godoy and Juan Sonoda (authors of the regular Argentina update in the Global Briefing section of GAR’s print edition). In addition to ICC-style commercial arbitration, Godoy – who is the academic deputy director of the University of Buenos Aires investment arbitration course – gives the firm a name in investment law. Sonoda meanwhile is one of the coaches to the moot team of the University of Buenos Aires.

The firm belongs to a Latin America-wide network. Clients known to have used it recently include a series of Canadian mining businesses in disputes about options agreements, and a Chinese telecoms firm. It has also represented a road concession holder facing problems in Peru. One in-house counsel in Argentina praises the firm’s teamwork as “fantastic”. Another, who used the firm to deal with a frivolous claim, says Beretta Godoy was “significantly more prepared and professional” than the opposing counsel.

Recent events

Godoy was appointed as the Chinese European Arbitration Centre’s ambassador to Argentina. Members of the practice continue to lend their support to Argentina’s international commercial arbitration moot. Several act as “arbitrators” while the competition is under way.



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