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GAR 100 - 12th Edition

Delta Consulting Group

22 May 2019

Delta Consulting Group is another name that's started to appear more in the law firm part of the research. It was founded in 2000 by Jeffrey Fuchs and J. Mark Dungan and enjoys a name for construction work. Jeffrey Fuchs and Dakus Gunn were both among the firm’s frequently appointed experts.

Delta Consulting Group



Regional analysis from arbitrators around the globe, focussing on key developments in specific industry areas and jurisdictions.

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The European Arbitration Review 2020


Overview - Limits to the Principle of ‘Full Compensation’

Matthias Cazier-Darmois

FTI Consulting

Overview: Construction Arbitration in Europe

Bruno Hardy and Arnaud Nuyts

Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick