Simon Arvmyren

Simon Arvmyren's main field of work is arbitration and litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution within the area of commercial private law. Contract law and tort law are Simon's core areas of expertise. However his competence as a litigation lawyer covers most kinds of private law liability, for example, insurance, corporate law liability, environmental damages and general issues such as recourse actions. Simon and co-author Eric M Runesson are part of Sandart&Partners' skilful litigation team. Before joining Sandart&Partners, Simon worked as a law clerk at Kalmar District Court. He was a research assistant of insurance law at Stockholm University for three years while finalising his LLM studies. His academic engagement continued within the EU Research Training Network project Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union, where constitutional law influence on private law was examined form a comparative point of view. Simon Arvmyren is the author of several articles in the field of dispute resolution.

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