Shengchang Wang

Dr Shengchang Wang is a senior consultant at Hui Zhong Law Firm and the main contributor for this chapter. He specialises in commercial arbitration and mediation. Dr Wang is the former vice chairman and former secretary general of CIETAC and has handled more than 200 arbitration cases under the auspices of CIETAC, ICC, SCC Institute, HKIAC, SIAC and ad hoc arbitration. He advises clients on arbitration and related areas. Dr Wang is a lifetime advisory member of International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA). His key works include International Arbitration in the People’s Republic Of China (Butterworths, Singapore 1995 and 2000, co-author), Resolving Disputes in the PRC (FT, Hong Kong, 1996), Theory and Practice of Combining Arbitration with Conciliation (Law Press, Beijing, 2001), and Arbitration in China: A Practical Guide (Sweet & Maxwell, 2004, co-general editor)

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