Piotr Bielarczyk

Piotr Bielarczyk, PhD is a lecturer of the Facultyof Law at the University of Warsaw; has been a lawyerwith M Furtek i Wspolnicy since 2003; and is a member of the Polish Language Council under thePresident of the Polish Academy of Science.He has a scholarship from the London School ofEconomics and Political Sciences (2006); a doctoratefrom the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw(2006) (doctoral thesis on the development ofthe European anthropology of law) a Master’s degreein law from the University of Warsaw (2002 – summacum laude); and is the author of publications on arbitration,legal language and the anthropology of law.Piotr assisted Marek Furtek in almost 80 nationaland international disputesand is an author of a commentaryon the amendment to the Code of Civil Procedureon arbitration.

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