Niels Schiersing

[email protected]

Niels Schiersing is a law graduate from the University of Copenhagen 1985 and is admitted to the Supreme Court of Denmark. Mr Schiersing is a partner with Nordia Law Firm’s Copenhagen office. Mr Schiersing’s practice is focused on negotiation and dispute resolution, including domestic and international litigation, arbitration and mediation. He is a certified mediator and arbitrator. Mr Schiersing is a seasoned counsel to Danish and international business entities in complex commercial disputes. Furthermore he is a specialist in the areas of international trade and international investment law and as such, he represents a foreign state in investment arbitration. Mr Schiersing has extensive teaching experience in the areas of, for example, negotiation, international business law and investment law. He has written several articles for various periodicals on sevearl law subjects including arbitration. Mr Schiersing is responsible for Nordia Law Firm’s international activities, including the Baltic Region and Eastern Europe.

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