Jonathan Lim

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Jonathan Lim focuses his practice on international arbitration matters and complex multi-jurisdictional disputes. He has experience with representation of clients in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations sited in various jurisdictions, including both common law and civil law jurisdictions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Mr Lim has advised governments in Africa and Asia on public international law issues and international arbitration law reform. Mr Lim has also worked on World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement matters and is part of the team representing the government of Somalia in its WTO accession process.In addition to his practice as counsel, Mr Lim has a developing practice as arbitrator and has received Singapore International Arbitration Centre and German Arbitration Institute appointments as sole and party-appointed arbitrator in proceedings seated in Europe and Asia. Mr Lim is also a visiting senior fellow at the National University of Singapore, where he teaches a course on commercial and investment arbitration each year. He is co-chair of the Asia-Pacific Forum for International Arbitration and is a member of the Young SIAC Steering Committee.

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