George A Bermann

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George Bermann is professor at Columbia University School of Law, where he directs the Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration (CICIA). At Columbia, where he holds both the Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Law and the Walter Gellhorn Professorship, he teaches transnational litigation and arbitration, international investment law and arbitration, comparative law and EU law. He is also professor of law at the Ecole de droit, Institut des Sciences Politiques (Paris). Professor Bermann is an experienced international commercial arbitrator, both institutional (eg, ICC, AAA, LCIA, DIS, CPR) and ad hoc, serving in those capacities since 1979. He acts as counsel and adviser to counsel in international commercial and investment. He is member of the Governing Board of the ICC Court of International Arbitration (Paris); chief reporter of the ALI Restatement of the US Law of International Commercial Arbitration; co-editor-in-chief of the American Review of International Arbitration; co-author (with E Gaillard) of the UNCITRAL Guide to the New York Convention; director of the American Arbitration Association; and president of the Académie Internationale de Droit Comparé (Paris). Professor Bermann is author and editor of numerous books and journal articles on international arbitration and litigation, including Mandatory Rules in International Arbitration (Juris Pub); Transnational Litigation (West Pub); Introduction to French Law (with E Picard) (Kluwer 2010); ‘Navigating EU Law and the Law of International Arbitration,’ 28 Arb Int’l 397 (2012); ‘Arbitrability Trouble,’ 23 Am Rev Int’l Arb 367 (2012); ‘The ‘Gateway Problem’ in International Commercial Arbitration, 37 Yale J Int’l L.1 (2012); ‘The Supreme Court Trilogy and its Impact on U.S. Arbitration Law,’ 22 Am Rev Int’l Arb. 551 (2011); and ‘Parallel Jurisdiction: Is Convergence Possible?’ Ybk Private Intl L. (2012). Professor Bermann has a doctorate honoris causa from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland (2004), and the Universitê de Versailles-St. Quentin, France (2011).

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