Ewa Mendys-Kamphorst

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Ewa Mendys-Kamphorst is the head of the CEG Rotterdam office. She has expertise in applying insights from economic theory and quantitative techniques to competition, regulation and damages cases. Her cases include competition assessments of telecom mergers and the estimation of damages in a litigation case on interchange fees in the UK. Ewa previously worked at OPTA, the Dutch telecom regulator, where she applied the European regulatory framework to the markets for mobile and fixed termination tariffs, leased lines, wholesale broadband access and radio transmission services. She focused primarily on quantitative assessments of the impact of regulation and market definition issues. Prior to OPTA, Ewa worked at Erasmus Competition and Regulation Institute, affiliated with Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Ewa holds a PhD in industrial organisation from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She has published in international refereed journals such as Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Telecommunications Policy and Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.

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