Dyalá Jiménez

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Dyalá Jiménez Figueres set up boutique firm DJ Arbitraje in Santiago, Chile in 2011. DJ Arbitraje is now based in her home country, Costa Rica.Dyalá has represented clients in ICC arbitrations and in pre-arbitration and litigation disputes. She has worked in cases governed by the ICC Rules of Arbitration and the AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules administered by the ICDR, as well as the ICSID Arbitration Rules. Also, Dyalá has been appointed sole arbitrator and chair of the tribunal in ICC and ad hoc international arbitrations. She has participated in setting-aside proceedings of inter­national awards and rendered legal opinions in arbitral proceedings.Dyalá is a Costa Rican attorney from the Universidad de Costa Rica and holds a masters in law (LLM) in International Law from Georgetown University Law Center. She lived in Santiago, Chile for almost 10 years, where she taught International Arbitration at the Universidad de Chile and at that university’s joint LLM programme with the Heidelberg Institute.A founding member of the ICC Latin American Arbitration Group, the International Arbitration Institute (IAI), and the Latin American Arbitration Association, Dyalá is often invited to participate as speaker at international conferences and seminars.

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