Daphna Kapeliuk

[email protected]

Adv. Dr. Kapeliuk is a partner in the Commercial and International Litigation Department of the Goldfarb Seligman law firm. She is considered the leading Israeli expert on international and domestic arbitration. Dr. Kapeliuk has particular experience in the fields of private international law, jurisdictional matters, conflict of laws, enforcement of foreign selection clauses and international arbitration agreements and enforcement of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards. Dr. Kapeliuk represents foreign and domestic clients in complex international business disputes. Her many years of expertise, both as a leading scholar and as a consultant, enable her to provide unique, far-reaching legal advice to her clients. Prior to joining Goldfarb Seligman, Dr. Kapeliuk was a leading scholar and lecturer in the fields of domestic and international arbitration and private international law. For several years, she has taught courses in her fields of expertise in Israel's leading law faculties, and has published scholarly articles in major law reviews, such as Cornell Law Review and Texas Law Review. As the only academic expert on Israeli arbitration law, she was called upon to provide expert opinions in proceedings held in foreign courts.Adv. Dr. Kapeliuk frequently advises legislators and government bodies on issues concerning arbitration law. She was an Invited Expert to the meetings of the Constitution, Legislation and Law Committee of the Israeli Parliament, with respect to a Bill amending the Arbitration Law, and a Bill amending the Courts Law by including a section on mandatory arbitration.   

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