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Richard Hill has over 25 years’ experience of working on construction and construction-related contracts as well as other commercial contracts within the energy, infrastructure and property development sectors.

He advises governments, developers and corporates on procurement strategies, processes and contracts as well as investors, lenders and contractors on projects while in development or operation.

Most recently, he has worked on energy projects in the UK, Europe and North and Sub-Saharan Africa ranging from transmission and distribution assets and the construction or refurbishment of large hydro and thermal power stations to solar projects using various technologies and wind farms both onshore and offshore. He has also been heavily involved in advising on successful strategies for settling issues and implementing contract restructurings for projects that have run into difficulties during their construction or operation.

He is a member of the City of London Solicitors construction law committee and, as well as drafting template and bespoke forms of contract, has written various articles and given various seminars on legal topics relating to construction and energy.