Topic: Attachments and freezing orders

ICSID claimant fails to lift asset freeze in feud over Dubai islands deal

More details of a British businessman’s ICSID claim against the United Arab Emirates have come to light after an English court upheld a freezing order against his worldwide assets in a dispute over the purchase of land on a man-made archipelago.

18 November 2019

Naftogaz freezes Gazprom assets in “fraudulent conveyance” claim

A Dutch court has agreed to freeze shares in a Gazprom subsidiary while it hears claims by Ukraine’s Naftogaz that the Russian oil company fraudulently transferred those shares to evade payment of a US$2.56 billion SCC award.

28 October 2019

Indian power plant dispute settles after asset freeze

An Indian conglomerate has agreed to settle a US$100 million SIAC case over the construction of a power plant after the Korean-owned claimant obtained attachment orders from the courts of New York against its assets.

31 January 2019

Freeze on proceeds of SIAC claim upheld in Australia

A court in Western Australia has upheld a US$14 million freezing order against a Spanish-owned construction company that prevents it from disposing of the prospective proceeds of a SIAC arbitration against Samsung.

15 October 2018

Ukraine threatened over Russian asset freeze

A Russian state-owned bank has threatened to bring a bilateral investment treaty claim against Ukraine after its local assets were frozen at the behest of a group of Ukrainian creditors seeking to enforce a BIT award.

17 September 2018

Freeze on Ukrainian oligarch’s assets lifted in Cyprus

A Cypriot court has lifted an ex parte freezing order it granted over assets held by Ukraine's richest oligarch Rinat Akhmetov in light of claims that he and his companies are deliberately evading payment of a US$820 million LCIA award, after concluding that both parties should be heard before any injunction is awarded

12 June 2018

Dutch freeze on Ukrainian oligarch’s assets upheld

UPDATED. A Dutch court has refused to lift an attachment order in support of an LCIA award that led to the freezing of €764 million in assets owned by companies belonging to Ukraine’s richest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov.

06 April 2018

Dutch court lifts asset freeze in Chinese M&A dispute

A Dutch court has ruled that a Chinese state-owned food company should not have been permitted to levy attachments worth US$1.7 billion in aid of an ICC arbitration, holding that relief granted by an emergency arbitrator should suffice while a dispute over its purchase of a grain trader is pending.

05 April 2018

Argentina takes Ghana to ITLOS

16 November 2012

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