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14 March 2017


Voting in most categories closes at midnight London time tomorrow (15 March). Please cast your votes to help determine the winners of this year’s GAR Awards.

Last week, GAR published shortlists for awards that will be determined by public vote.

These include:

Now, it’s your last chance to vote for the winners, by clicking on the link to the survey here.

The form requires you to provide your name, firm or affiliated organisation and the jurisdiction where you are based, or your votes will not be counted. While all votes will be treated in the strictest confidence, this enables us to check that you haven't voted for colleagues at your firm or organisation or for projects with which you are closely connected. Such votes will be discounted, deserved as they may be!

For further information on the nominations, please look at the original shortlists which contain links to relevant GAR reports.

It is intended that the voting should reflect genuine individual views based on personal experience and we discourage nominees from lobbying for support, which is normally obvious from the voting patterns.

Three awards will be decided by the GAR editorial team on the basis your input, our knowledge of the market and consultation with leading practitioners: large practice that impressed, Mediterranean or North African law firm that impressed and the GAR GRA award for arbitral institution that impressed. There is space on the form so you can suggest worthy winners and provide brief reasons.

The arbitrator award will also be determined by the editorial team in light of your input and the advice of a special focus group. Please name a maximum of two arbitrators you have appeared before in the past year (of any age) and who have impressed you with their level of preparation and responsiveness.

Just for fun, we’ve also asked you what you regard as the worst decision and development of the past year for international arbitration and what development you would most like to see in 2017.

The 2017 GAR Awards will take place at the Palazzo Parigi Hotel on 29 March, two days before the IBA International Arbitration Day. The black-tie event, to raise money for the Swawou School Foundation in Sierra Leone, will once again include a drinks reception and dinner and the unveiling of this year’s GAR 30.

Details to register for the event can be found here

US arbitrator Laurie Craig was announced as the recipient of the lifetime achievement last week, in recognition of his role as one of the “founding fathers” in the field.

For any further information and inquires please contact events@globalarbitrationreview.com


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