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GAR Awards 2017 – best innovation by an individual or organisation

07 March 2017

GAR Awards 2017 – best innovation by an individual or organisation

GAR continues its publication of shortlists for awards that will soon be open to the public vote, ahead of this year's awards ceremony in Milan on 29 March.

The 2017 Awards will take place at the Palazzo Parigi Hotel on 29 March, two days before the IBA International Arbitration Day. The black-tie event, to raise money for the Swawou School Foundation in Sierra Leone, will once again include a drinks reception and dinner and the unveiling of this year’s GAR 30.

Details to register for the event can be found here

The nominations for innovation by an individual or organisation are below. A form will be published in GAR soon so that readers can cast their votes.

[lin loose chronological order by date, though some are ongoing projects]

  • “Dispute Resolution Data” – founded by former American Arbitration Association president Bill Slate – goes live.  It offers 100 data-points on every case heard by a variety of institutions, including the ICC 
  • Africa International Legal Awareness unveils an online directory featuring practitioners from the continent with expertise in the field 
  • The launch of the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge – a call to increase, on an equal opportunity basis, the number of women appointed as arbitrators 
  • Gabrielle Kaufmann Kohler and Michele Potestà suggest that the UN Convention on Transparency in Treaty-based Investor State Arbitration (Mauritius Convention) could be basis for reform to investor-state arbitration system 
  • Michael McIlwaith, Lucy Greenwood and Ema Vidak Gojkovic propose that arbitrators should identify their procedural preferences and case management techniques in a questionnaire 
  • HKIAC offers free hearing space where at least one party to an arbitration, mediation and conciliation is listed on the OECD Development Assistance Committee List 
  • Sundaresh Menon suggests a role for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators  as a “robust and independent” central disciplinary body with “bite” to investigate allegations of arbitrator misconduct 
  • Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution unveils a revolutionary new "turbo" arbitration clause allowing parties to super-expedite proceedings 
  • Barry Leon’s proposal for a “deemed consent” to arbitration in national bankruptcy and insolvency laws and corporate statutes
  • Arbitrator Intelligence – Catherine Rogers' initiative to level playing field when it comes to the selection of arbitrators through information and feedback on their performance

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